zkLink Nova Mainnet is Live
Aggregate Ethereum Rollups onto One Layer3

The first aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM network that links Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups for any use case, with exceptional composability, interoperability, scalability, and security through zero-knowledge proofs.

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What is an Aggregated Rollup

The rapid growth of Ethereum Layer 2 Rollups has led to a blockchain ecosystem with fragmented liquidity and weak composability.

Through zk-SNARKs and multi-rollup state synchronization, zkLink Nova aggregates assets, dApps, and users dispersed across Ethereum Layer 2s into one unified network.

The Key Advantages of zkLink’s Aggregated Layer 3
  • Liquidity Unification
    All liquidity within the Ethereum ecosystem can be natively aggregated in zkLink Nova, where users can interact with assets that were once scattered throughout the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Rigorous Security
    By leveraging zkLink Nexus and ZK Stack, zkLink Nova eliminates the issue of asset security. All transactions will be finalized on Ethereum after completing ZK verifications and multi-rollup state synchronization, thus inheriting Ethereum's security.
  • Extra Scalability, Low Fees
    The Layer 3 solution provides an added layer of scaling compared to Layer 2s, allowing zkLink Nova to provide extremely low gas fees. Modular DA further reduces the data portion of transaction costs on the network for end users.
  • Multi-Layer Yields
    zkLink Nova has the ability to support all native yield assets in a single platform, thus enhancing their liquidity and composability. This opens up the benefit of providing holders with additional yield on top of the yield from staking on Ethereum and Layer 2 Rollups.